Sermon notes, pen and ink drawings

No Secret Disciples/Academy Chorus


Sunday morning^

Mike, our pulpit minister has been preaching about the life of Jesus from the Gospels for well over two years now–it has been a wonderful series. Today the scripture text was from John 19 and Mark 15, concerning Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, two members of the Sanhedrin, who come asking Pilate for the body of Jesus, after his death on the cross. We don’t know much about Joseph, but the Gospel of John gives us a bit of information on Nicodemus and how he originally came to Jesus at night. He later defends Jesus (sort of) when the ruling council wanted to bring Jesus in for his teachings (John 7), to the point that both men risk the wrath of their own professional associations, to give the Christ a proper burial. You cannot be a secret disciple of Jesus.


Sunday evening^

You may or may not have noticed, but these two sets of notes are in pencil. Generally, I do not care for pencil/graphite drawings in my sketchbooks because it smears so badly. But my pen ran out of ink and I resorted to the golf pencils that are kept in the pews next to the attendance cards. They do give a nice variety of gray tones not possible with ink pens, but I’ll be back to cross hatching next week.

The second drawing isn’t technically sermon notes. This past Sunday evening, the Harding Academy Chorus came and sang for us. Give me Jesus was one of the songs they performed. It inspired me. Music, art and literature are three wondrous gifts that God has given humanity.


Sermon Notes- a new series

Sunday, March 27, 2011 AM services.
Two Thieves Separated By a Cross

Since I have drawn in Church my whole life. I thought I would start posting the notes that I take during sermons. There are usually two per week, but if I am not feeling inspired (or preaching myself) then that one will be missing. My plans are to keep my comments to a minimum and just let you see the work. I limit myself to the time the sermon is actually being preached. Once it is over, I stop drawing.

Sunday, March 27, 2011, PM service
Contemplating Our Life After Dead

Sunday, April 4, 2011, AM services.

I must say a little about this one. Mike Ireland is our pulpit minister and he discussed these common theories on “atonement.” All of them have something good–none of them are perfectly complete, because God’s atonement through Jesus the Christ is too vast for us to comprehend totally. That is why the drawing begins with the word bursting out of the limits of the page.

Sunday, April 4, 2011, PM services
Living Like it Happened