Flowers and Pumpkins


Does anyone know what kind of flowers these are? Here is another view that includes more of the plant. It looks to me almost like a bull nettle--a vicious plant that I remember from my childhood. But the spines are not prickly.


It is getting towards mid-spring here in Queenstown and the flowers are bursting out all over. These are a few shots of the raised beds in front of our apartment.


The blue ones are very nice,too. It is a small but significant blessing in times of stress to look out on the beauty that God provides for us. We are now in the middle of our two days of final exams, so there isn’t much time for gazing at flowers. Even a small glimpse is welcome.

We celebrated Halloween yesterday (probably with many wondering thoughts from the Kiwis). The Mills family has three children 10, 7 and 4, so each of the apartments made up some treats and everyone went around trick or treating. The boys next to our apartment set up a haunted house, which consisted of them taking you one at a time into a dark room, giving you a piece of fudge and then yelling at you with their loudest voices until you left. Deafening, but funny.

Meagan and I had caramel apple wedges, toasted pumpkin seeds, and candy canes. The caramel apples were a huge hit. And of, course there had to be jack o’lanterns. The Mills made a traditional face, and I carved a Maori pumpkin. We can’t get orange pumpkins here, so we made due with white roasting pumpkins.


Well, there is no telling when the next installment will be. We leave on Wednesday to make our way to Christchurch, then to the cruise, then on to SE Asia. I’ll check in when I can. Happy Halloween back in the States!