Australian Zoo, Brisbane City Tour, Views from Capricornia

Brisbane, the Zoo and Classes

I have to admit, keeping up a consistent blog is a challenge for me. Deciding what to say and regularly saying it is difficult. I once heard that 60% of the sounds that come out of a preschool girl are words and communication, 60% of the sound coming out of boys the same age is simply noise or sound effects (explosions, guns, sounds of vomiting and other noisy bodily functions, etc.) I figure blogging is like that, too. So I’ve spent my allotment of words. We visited Brisbane, the Australian Zoo and the Glass House Mountains Sunday-Tuesday and have been in classes ever since. Here are some images of what we saw.100_6901
yellow candle flowers

entry portals to the St. John’s Anglican Cathedral

Oh look, flying butresses!

Brisbane skyline from Mount Coot-Tha

forget this big guy’s name, but he’s prehistoric (looks good for his age, though)

yeah, these blokes are a lazy well-fed bunch

anyone for a cute, cuddly wombat?

Chillin’ red kangaroo (my desktop pattern for now)

yep, kuala’s everywhere in the Australian Zoo

this is the only dingo we saw in captivity or otherwise (reminds me of Jack)

Tough to see in the mists, but those mountains reminded Captain Cook
of the glass factories back in his home town of Yorkshire, England