final push

At the moment I am watching a BBC documentary on the filming of the movie The Killing Fields. We watched this film in my humanities class yesterday and today. It has been a sobering conclusion to our study of Cambodia. Of all the places we are going to visit in the next month, Cambodia holds my interest most. It has had such an incredibly sad past. Such a fascinating place and history.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the students and faculty alike are growing very weary of such an intense academic semester. Many are also homesick. We are all supporting each other in order to stay strong until finals are completed next Tuesday. Actually tomorrow is the last day of classes. Thursday and Friday are days we will be camping and hiking on the lake. Saturday and Sunday are the last opportunities for “adventure tourism” here in Queenstown. I should be doing the Nevis Bunge jump this weekend. Then I will catch up with Lauren, my lovely younger daughter. She jumped at the Corinthian Canal in Greece. After Sunday we will be even.

It is difficult being around the world from home, especially when our two daughters are back in Arkansas. Somehow all the luster of travel and eye-opening experiences take on a different hue when you see it within the perspective of the cables that connect us to family in the States. As wonderful as the trip is, we are not home. Unfortunately, once we are back in the United States, as Christians it seems much easier to forget that even there, we are not home. At home we are safe, loved, accepted, cared for and we truly belong. On Earth, whether in Arkansas, New Zealand or Cambodia, home exists in a quasi-broken state, yet at its best points to the ultimate home in Heaven.